Christopher Payne

Linen Closets, Traverse City State Hospital, Michigan

Patient Toothbrushes, Hudson River State Hospital, New York

Bathtub, Fairfield State Hospital, Connecticut

Autopsy Theater, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, DC

I just spent way too much time on Christopher Payne’s site, staring at photos of abandoned asylums and hospitals. Fascinating.

(Thank you Sarah)

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  1. Beautiful and quietly disturbing.

  2. Haunting.. I feel like I’m about to spend hours browsing too..

  3. Holy crap, look at those Eames chairs!!

  4. excellent, I find the toothbrush cabinet most disturbing in its regimented order. Like hung corpses on a gibet or is that just me.

  5. If you like those you’ll also love Rob Dobi’s ‘New England Ruins’ work…

  6. This is funny because I was thinking how much I liked his style…and lone behold I own one of his Asylum Book! Well worth the buy if anyone’s considering…

  7. Fascinating! I’m impressed..

  8. Peeps who like this should probably like

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    Here’s a couple to get you started:

    Detroit In Ruins

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    Enjoy the site, you’ll spend hours poking around.

  9. I’m sick to the back teeth of this style of badly-lit-sudo-gritty-reportage work.

    As a creative I see hundreds of photographers portfolios with this same old stuff time and time again.

    Totally forgettable.

  10. Well good thing the photos weren’t taken just for your enjoyment, huh Curator?

    I love this. Just visited Traverse City State Hospital this past weekend and got some great shots. Very cool place to visit! Some parts are renovated into shops and a restaurant now.