Yes to the Idea of an Indoor Park

Today’s CreativeMornings/NewYork with Charles Renfro was generously hosted by Park Here, a gallery turned indoor park. It was packed and seriously fantastic. What a fun venue! A big giant thank you to the team at Open House Gallery for hosting us. Here’s a short video about the space and the idea behind it all:

Parke Here is only open for a few more days. They are starting to break it all down on the 15th, next week. If you’re in NYC, make sure to stop by asap.

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  1. this idea of indoor park makes me think about an art piece by XAVIER VEILHAN, named « LA FORÊT » (the Forest) and seen in Geneva at the museum for contemporary art (MAMCO). Here is a link:
    this is not green but the impression was like a reel forest and it was incredible for the kids and for the adults.

  2. one more link about this forest:

  3. An indoor park is exactly what’s needed in London right now with temperatures down to -13 at night and a blanket of snow.

    Rebellion and playfulness. Looks like great fun!

    Can we have one here please?

  4. hmmm any black persons there???

  5. As it’s been extremely cold in the UK recently and I have been muting the idea of domed cities or underground living spaces. Naturally most of my friends have scoffed at the idea. This in-door park is such a great idea and if London does’t have one, or several by next winter I will eat my bobble hat.

  6. thank u julien for the great info.