Social Media Explained

Instagram by Douglas Wray

I tweeted this a few days ago. Made me smile.

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  1. It left off Tumblr which should say “I’m going to reblog that someone else likes donuts because it’ll make me feel like I belong.”

  2. that totally brightened my cloudy day… I am seriously L-O-L-ing over here!

  3. and Flickr: “I ate this donut, dig the bokeh”

  4. Very creative. I love the social media explanation. I am going to use it in my class on digital marketing!

  5. Very good, I’d buy this as a print :)

  6. “MMmmmmm Donuts” – real life!

  7. When ever I see simple clever stuff like this… first I smile… then I go “Damn why didn’t I think of that?”

  8. Cute.

  9. edit this:

    “wordpress: people don’t know how to spell foursquAre”

  10. Really good! Oohh and i could just go a donut right now!

  11. The same thing that my prof made us do in social media class! So much fun :)