Swiss Army

My team, aka Swiss Army, stopped by my place yesterday and I couldn’t help but snap this photo all of them lined up on my couch. From left to right: Bekka Palmer (Enforcerer of Orders at Tattly), Yoko Ohama (Photoshop Zen at Tattly), Kevin Huynh (CreativeMornings Breakfast Lecture Series Specialist) and Rusty Meadows (Tattly Businessman). I can’t tell you enough how wonderful my team is. They hustle and have fun while doing so!

I posted the above photo on Instagram and Twitter and within minutes I was inundated with questions about the coffee table. So, I figured I might just post it here: It’s the OFFI Scando Table and I got it at Design Public.

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  1. I love your table! Beautiful. Where did you get it?

  2. @Lisa. Ha, did you read my post? ;)