Dialogues of Professionals: Billykirk

Billykirk from The Scout on Vimeo.

Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray have been producing leather goods for the last ten years. They launched Billykirk from Los Angeles in 1999, learning their craft from a third generation leather maker. A simple leather strap kick started the business, a decade later their collection has flourished into other offerings that consists of bags, belts, shoes, wallets, hats and other accessories. Since expanding and moving their operation to the East, they’ve employed a group of Amish leather makers to produce much of their line, while wrapping up production in their studio. Scout visited the brothers over the summer to observe their operation first hand and to discover the beauty behind the process.

Their shoulder pouch is one of my personal favorites.

(via Tim)

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  1. Did you notice that they use Swiss riri zippers? Seen on their zip wallet. Great video, btw.