Friday Link Pack

– Video above: Thelonious Monk – Rhythm a Ning (live)

– A video portrait of videogame pioneer Ralph Baer, part of David Friedman’s inventor portrait series. Inspiring!

– I am looking forward to the Skillshare Penny Conference on April 20th.

– A TED speaker’s worst nightmare

– The best money I’ve ever spent for my office: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M

– A 4 Year Old On What Makes a Good Shoe

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’All

– New Curator’s Code attribution icons I will be using from now on:

ᔥ = “via”
↬ = “HT” (hat tip)

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  1. Hey Tina! Love this Friday Link Pack — but in the future, could you make the links open in a new tab? It would make it a bit easier to get through all of them. I realize I can right click and do this myself but……… :)

  2. Holding down Cmd or Ctrl while clicking on a link opens it in a new tab. No need to right click.

  3. Wow this has got to the the first black person I’ve seen on this blog in two months. I’ve been reading you archives love so many things about the site, but when I got to the photos of the Kentucky Derby event in Brooklyn I had to pause, page after page of photos and not a brown face in sight. (Go look at it, it’s the most notable thing about the photos, given that they are taken in NYC in a very diver area.)

    So obviously, I going to make some very uncomfortable by bringing this up– but that isn’t really the point (or my goal, and if it helps I’m sorry, I’d love to find a way around this) I mean just think of how uncomfortable it can be to be the only black/latino/Asian person in a very white corner of a white industry/scene.

    So, what’s going on here? Why the polarization?

    Can anything be done about it?

    Should anything be done about it?