Friday Link Pack

Barbapapa one of my favorite cartoon shows from growing up.

– Excellent post on Tech Culture by Elizabeth Naramore: More Legos and Less Punch Buggy (via shiflett)

– Love the built-in desks in this East Village Studio

UN report on the creative economy says creative industries doubled profits in 2008 while world economy was in recession. (via @culturebrain)

– Can’t wait for summer so I can wear Campana Zig Zag Shoes again!

– I have a hard time convincing my two year old that brushing teeth is a good idea. This Sesame Street called Brushy Brushy Song gets him somewhat excited. Thank you Sesame Street!

The 50 best Blocks in Brooklyn (via @doorsixteen)

– Passionated about traveling? Expedia is looking for a Principal UX lead.

Confidence without guts.

Road Trip anyone?

Naked Eggs!

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  1. Some great links there … but … can’t resist … must address pet peeve …

    They’re not called LEGOs!


  2. I used to watch Barbapapa in Arabic when I was a child, one of my favourite cartoons every. Not many people in Europe seem to know about it though!

  3. Can’t believe I saw the Barbapapa link here! I used to watch it when I grew up in China and was able to recall all their names…