“Associate with people who are likely to improve you.”
— Seneca

(via The Happiness Project)

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  1. Interestingly open for interpretation. I know plenty of people who would think this means “associate with successful people so that you can sort of ride their coattails” but I interpret it as “associate with GOOD people, people who can teach you a lesson, people with whom you have to challenge yourself… people who make you want to be a better person, not those with a lot of networking potential.”

  2. Great, great advice! Quality for the win!

  3. What about “Associate with people who are likely to make you happy.”?

  4. Improve as in better yourself from the inside, not monetarily.

  5. The people we associate with tells a lot about where we are in life and/or where we would like to go.

  6. “People who help you to become a better person FROM YOUR POINT OF VUE” is probably what “Improve you” means.

    (sorry for uppercase ; i would have written bold letters instead, but i don’t know if it’s even possible.)

    By the way, Seneca is way old and way modern too.