Reasons for Optimism

I thank the editors of Reasons for Optimism for their wonderful little corner they’ve created on the web. And I fully agree, with their statement:

“It’s easy to forget that in today’s not-so-optimistic world real progress continues, beauty appears, brave new worlds are explored, and creativity flows. We keep seeing–and occasionally finding–our best selves. There are, in fact, reason for optimism everywhere we look.”

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  1. Thanks for this link. Just today I had a conversation with someone about how we only get to focus on negative news, which makes you think everything is tumbling down but truly it’s all so much better than, say a hundred years ago when you think about details. It’s good to focus on optimism.

  2. Great share! Absolutely in love with the site!

  3. the best way to think, optimistic. great site.

  4. Thanks for the “mention”. We are having lots of fun sharing bits and pieces of positiviness that are on the other end of the news spectrum. As we have begun to immerse ourselves in the vastness of media outlets, we discovered that there really are lots of reasons to be optimistic!


    The Editors