Cobook | The smart address book for Mac

Last week I sent out a desperate and slightly frustrated tweet about the the most recent Mac OS Address book app. It’s cumbersome to use, and flat out doesn’t work on one of my Macs. I asked about an alternative and @MaxFenton pointed me to Cobook App.

It’s a small widget that lives in your menubar, easily accessible and intuitive to use. It seamlessly syncs with the OS X Address Book, which is what I want, but without having to ever open address book again.

Interesting twist: Cobook also connects to your social network accounts and automatically looks up pictures, companies, phone numbers etc. At this point, I think I like that, but let’s see, over the long run.

Here, try it yourself. Not sure why, but Cobook app is free.

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  1. This app is awesome to use, but it jacked up all of my contact categories by adding $ before and after each like this: “mobile” to “$mobile$”. If they fixed this, then it is great.

  2. I’ve used BuddyPop for years!

    No icon, no clutter in your menu bar – just a key command!

  3. I’m using uptact it keeps your contacts updated with out creating a new address book it uses the ones already in your phone and keeps them updated. it 100% free that’s what pulled me in :)

  4. If it’s free- ‘you are the product’

  5. tina, any luck/advice on replacing the horrible interface for ical?? i find it just as hideous to use!