Flint and Tinder: Premium Men’s Underwear

My friend Jake Bronstein is going to shake up the world of men’s underwear: He is going to be producing super high-quality men’s underwear, entirely made in the USA. And with that, he is going to save a 100+ year-old family owned factory in the process!

Flint & Tinder gets my vote.

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  1. A little like the Mary Portas’s Kinky Knickers that was established to reignite Britain’s flagging industry. The BBC program following her trying to set up a business was an eye opener – it was quite sad to see for example just how little Nottingham lace was actually manufactured in Nottingham. Hopefully with her stock flying off the shelves of stores like Selfridges, Liberty, and John Lewis, she may well have changed that. A great idea, and by the way – I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Was about to back it, but the fact that they crowd sourced the logo stopped me.

  3. Hell yeah. Does it come in anything but white?

  4. what factory did they save ? I make t shirts and need a good quality made in USA T shirt factory.