Hello Hickies, Bye Bye Shoelaces

Hickies turns your sneakers into slip-on shoes. Say goodbye to shoe-laces. I am sure my 6 year old would approve.

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  1. They look like power balance bracelets for shoes.

  2. Awesome, but what an unfortunate brand name! Shoes aren’t what I think of when I think of hickies / hickeys. :\

  3. Yikes. These are ugly. I’m a fan of Camper’s elastic laces. I have them on almost all my casual shoes now.


  4. I still don’t see how they are one-size-fits all. There is still a minimum diameter when they are first attached to the shoes. How is that going to work consistently for kids shoes and adult shoes alike? In theory, it should work and it’s nearly certain that it’s a fad/trend waiting to happen. I wish them the best!

  5. BuenĂ­iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations and goooooooood luck!!!!!!

  6. Hi Yael,
    Actually the length of Hickies works great for both kids and grown ups. We discovered that the distance between eyelets in all shoes sizes is almost the same. And given the elasticity of HICKIES, they adapt to these small differences. So, the diameter of a fastened Hickie is perfect for kids and adults.
    Give them a try!

    Thanks Swiss Miss for sharing!

    Mariquel & Gaston

  7. We want to have them all, were can we buy?
    Best wishes

    Romi y Leo

  8. Very cool idea, but what if you like to wear your laces tighter than the average “distance between eyelets”? I have very narrow feet, and I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world who laces their shoes super tight! As in eyelet-to-eyelet… In any case, it’s a great start! Well done!

  9. @Romi y Leo, you can buy them on kickstarter, we are reselling there here is the link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hickies/hickies-turn-your-kicks-into-slip-ons
    Thanks for the support!

    @Mara, Thanks! I know what you mean, we have been testing material and tightness over 3 years. This first HICKIES have a secure tightness, not too loose (like skaters shoes) not too tight (like neoprene or 5fingers shoes). Just in the middle. The material we found for the HICKIES is very special, it was hard for us to find it. This material has memory so it stretches out as far as your feet needs to, and then comes back to its original size. So it flows with your feet’s movement, while keeping it secure. Hopefully if we are successful in this campaign and people try them and love them like we do, we will produce other designs for specific kind of shoes and purposes and adaptable to peoples personal preferences. I hope you give them a chance and try them, and like them! :)

  10. quiero comprarlos! como hacemos?!

  11. that’s cool. I bought something similar a few months ago called u-lace. It’s different than these, it looks like real shoelaces but it’s also the same sort of idea where you put one in between 2 eyelets. http://www.u-lace.com

  12. i dont get it? wht is new about this thing?

  13. This shoelace is really cool. I want some of them, could you tell me how I can buy them?
    Highly appreciate the reply!

  14. how to fit everyone ?

  15. How many are in a set?

  16. I just put some of these on my kids shoes but they are pretty tight. Will they get looser?

  17. interesting! they do kinda look like bracelets for your shoes. i saw these really cool elastic laces at this local market that had me fooled, cuz i thought they were normal shoelaces. i love em! They’re called Synch Bands – http://synchbands.com the guy at the booth corrected me cuz i called them sink bands they’re pronounced cinch bands

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  19. Tying my shoes leaves me so exhausted I have to lay down in between shoes. Thanks Hickies!

  20. Just wish this product would perform as advertised. I do like Hickeys very much but two or more sizes are needed. I have 3 of them break so far. The picture on Kickstarter shows the Hickeys able to perform as the foot naturally widens toward the ankle. Not only I am posting on this forum but I will be contacting Hickey. $14 plus shipping? Too expensive to keep replacing every week or so.

  21. These shoelaces are great. I love how they come in many different colours to suit the shoe they are in.