TYPO SF: The Importance of Side Projects

I had the huge honor to kick off the TYPO conference in San Francisco a few weeks back, and this is my talk. I am speaking on the importance of taking your side projects seriously and share 8 lessons I am going to teach my children.

Other TYPO SF videos currently available are by Mike Monteiro and Joshua Davis.

TYPO conferences take place in Berlin, London and San Francisco. I highly recommend attending one.

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  1. Great talk! Really inspiring. And it’s nice to here that you can do the stuff you do and love doing it!

  2. @Noah, did you try reloading, that usually does it.

  3. This is great! Full of swissmissdom and very inspiring. Thank you, Tina!

  4. So inspiring … Thank you for sharing

  5. Really enjoy your talks, Tina. This one, I really find inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great talk, what an inspiration!
    Thanks for some reminders, too. You rock, Tina!

  7. made my sunday morning. Really really inspiring Tina.

  8. Unfortunately the link does not work

  9. @Natalia Swissmissdom :) Great one!

  10. You are brilliant Tina! I admire you very very much! I am a graphic designer too and you are my fav designer in the whole world! Thank you for sharing your ideas, your talent and your perception of life and design!

  11. So inspiring! Thank you!

  12. Huge thumbs up!!!

  13. Clicked the play button on my way to bed – just to have a quick look – couldn’t stop looking and now it’s really late and ! have to get up early. But it was worth it!

  14. Sad to miss Typo but glad to hear this!

  15. Beautiful inspiration! Thank you for sharing

  16. @Tina, what had the biggest impact on the traffic of your blog? Was it just consistency and great ideas from your hear and it caught attention?

  17. Tina,

    Thanks so much for an awesome pep-talk, it was hugely motivating for me. right now.

    I’m ordering a couple of those fantastic wine tattoos!

    If I can assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    All the best,

    Nannette Eaton

  18. Tina,
    Thank you for a beautiful heartfelt presentation. I will share it with my 2 children who are just embarking on careers in the design world. I believe they will find it as inspiring as I did.
    Bless you,

  19. Wonderful. You are so inspiring Tina!

  20. Just discovered Tina, and very inspired!

  21. Great speech Tina, I just stumbled upon your blog and have an overwhelming sense of releif after watching your video. I don’t have an eccentric Aunt, but they sure do have an eccentric neice! Thank you for the daily dose of inspiration.

  22. This talk was really inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing the video. I am also a mom trying to break into the world of self-employment after working in video games for 10 years. It’s great to see other designers and artists making the switch with great success. Your talk got me thinking I need to start re-evaluating my goals and really start thinking about side projects. Thank you!

  23. I am planning to publish my first ebook and happen to be the mother of an 8month old…this resonated very deeply and I am so grateful for all that you do to help us creative folk stay inspired!