Oh my goodness, how did I not know about Findings? (she says, jumping up and down of excitement over this discovery!)

Findings let’s you collect, share and discuss your Kindle Highlights and snippets from any website on the internet.

I just imported some of my Kindle Highlights and am giddy over the fact that I can now easily access and share them, in a beautiful interface. Major hat tip to Betaworks who’s behind Findings. This has made my week!

UPDATE: Findings launched a new design about a week ago and I am heartbroken about it. In fact, I am so incredibly frustrated about the direction they are going I find it no longer useful. I have deleted my account and hope that someone else will build something similar to the old Findings again. (le sigh)

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  1. Great find.

    I can’t seem to import all my highlights though. Got any tips?

  2. Too bad you can only sign up with Twitter or Facebook. Guess I can’t sign up. I hate it when sites try to force you to be in a different social network.

  3. I love Findings also! And use the Chrome extension to import Kindle highlights :-)

  4. Think you can sign up w/o Twitter or FB by clicking on sign in first, then sign up :-)

  5. There is definitely a lot of people that have the kindle these days. I think a site like this is such a great idea. So much to get from sharing your views and ideas. l’hôtel Montréal