Friday Link Pack

Do you Live in a City? (via explore)

Hipsters don’t know what the Higgs boson is

The 10 Top Read Books in the World

How a Credit Card is Made

BBQ Tattly Set anyone?

– Intruiging: Video of a 12 year old, having a conversation with himself as a 32 year old. (via @nickbilton)

– The Top 100 WordPress Plugins Ordered By Downloads

– Great Post by Marco Arment about The camera you have with you

Swiss Bunkers (Thank you Maria)

What’s new in iOS6 (via @emilychang)

Ten Tips for Hiking with Kids

A Floating Mug. Cool.

– Most charming Bookends.

– Our friends set up this giant rubber swimming pool in their backyard. The kids love it. (I admit, I would have never bought it.)

– The blind can take perfect photos with their iPhones, guided by the built-in Camera app.

– … when you activate your supporters, you need a clear path to victory, not a wild goose chase.

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  1. this video is giving my google reader a soundtrack automatically. sounds so eerie and took me a while to figure out which it was.

  2. Hi Tina,

    The floating mug was especially cool. I suppose it is the novelty and the creativity of the design.

    Interestingly, I have a neighbour who also has a giant rubber swimming pool in their backyard for the kids. It has been there almost ever since they moved in a year or so ago. The water is always filled and changed and the young kids can be seen e.joying themselves splashing around. This is understandable since Singapore is so hot and humid. It is a great way for kids to grow up haha!

    Oh wow…some of the pictures of the Swiss bunkers are amazing! I’m a huge history buff so I enjoy looking at the bunkers haha! I love the camoflage for some of them. You won’t notice the bunkers unless you were looking or aware of their existence. Brilliant! Pictures 11, 16 and 18 are my favourites!

    Thanks for sharing your great links! I certainly enjoyed them! :D

    Irving the Vizier

  3. Man, that is one depressing top ten book list.

  4. Hello,

    Those links are great, thank you! Could you however ensure that when you click on a link it opens a new tab/browser as currently you go on a new page, flick through photos for example and end up having to click on the back page browser button in order to get back to your main page.



  5. Great collection of links. Love the list of WP plugins, it definitely includes some good ones… and of course the ‘Most Charming Bookends” from Anthropologie are hard not to want.

  6. Aaaaaaaarrrgh! An auto-playing video!