Jonah Lehrer: The Origins of Creative Insight & Why You Need Grit

“The answer will only arrive after we stop looking for it,” says bestselling author Jonah Lehrer. Examining recent research into what drives creative insights, Lehrer breaks down how and why we have “aha!” moments, using examples that range from Bob Dylan writing “Like A Rolling Stone” to a Tibetan monk’s zen puzzle-solving powers.

But insight isn’t everything. Those who achieve great things in the long-term also have another important quality: Grit, a single-minded persistence that helps them keep their eye on the prize and pushing ever-forward even when the “aha!” moments aren’t around.

More about this fantastic The 99% Conference Talk.

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  1. Hi, the links do not fit exactly the mentioned theme, only the first half, how “aha” Moments are generated

    from my expierence, I can say, it is good to let momentary insights rest, often it is more the joy about (feeling?) inspiration, than quality or truth

  2. Grit is just what I need today!

  3. Ah I can’t hear him above the crappy music!

  4. Jonah Lehrer… YOU are MAGIC! And you look great… :)

  5. Hi, some more thoughts about the “aha”- moment in german