Inflatable Bedrail

Tilo, our two year old, suddenly decided to refuse sleeping in his crib. We just put a mattress on the floor and called it the ‘big boy bed’. He is in heaven. Only problem, he’s been rolling off it at night. But no longer, because I got one of these inflatable bed rails and it works! It ships with a small pump, inflates in 30 seconds. Simply put it underneath the fitted sheet and boom you’re done. Child secured.

The best part about it, it folds down to nothing so you can take it with you when you’re on the road. (The packaging is a bit misleading, there’s only one rail in the box, not two.)

The Shrunks Sleep Secure Inflatable Bed Rail

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  1. You can also slip a pool noodle under there.

  2. yeah, I second the pool noodle!

  3. @esther, @rae, not that convenient for traveling though! :) I am just picturing myself boarding a plane carrying two pool noodles.