Din Din Stainless Platter

This stainless steel platter made me chuckle. Obviously made for kids, but, honestly I want to use it for myself.

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  1. You got me on the no plastic divided dish search! An old search…but alas it was fruitful! I wanted some thing thats was not melamine (gag) not plastic, can be thrown in the dishwasher and could be maybe microwaved . This is my GREATEST find for today, Corelle Livingware has a divided plate that is just 8.5 inches. it isn’t fancy…but it might just be perfect. Just had to share from one mom to the other. http://www.shopworldkitchen.com/corelle/winter-frost-white-lunch-plate-1057557
    OH ya, AND they are just $4.99 a piece.

  2. I just love the idea behind this stainless platter. I just love all of the compartments on this platter. You cannot go wrong with it at all here. Great work here.
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