Friday Link Pack

(via Those Who Make)

– For a moment of awe at human achievement: 3D-printed prosthetic arm changes 3-year-old girl’s life.

– A collection of NYC city online guides.

Idler: A New Modular Typeface Family By Lamesville

– If you read one thing this weekend, let it be this: On Empathy and Apathy: Two Case Studies

– Love the fixer mentality behind Wikipedia Redefined. (via @tca_team)

– Yay for analog mail: Airmail Zipper Pouch.

– That’s one pretty wine rack.

Do Lectures are happening September 20-23 in California. I wish I could go. There’s a few attendee tickets left. You should apply!

– I just received my Elevation Dock. It’s fantastic.

– Rob Walker: Mapping the “Collective Unconscious” of NYC

Astroturf fingernails. Really.

Rituals of Preparation.

– The folks over at The Wall Street Journal are looking to hire a UX Architect.

Good Grammar is sexy.

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  1. I just wrote a piece about violence and the expanding circle of empathy throughout human evolution. check it out here

    thanks for sharing the piece about empath and apathy, a great read

  2. Those AstroTurf nails kill me! Hilarious!

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