Thank You Internet!

In the past 27 days, the internet has “crushed” Team CreativeMornings with a massive amount of kindness and generosity. Consider me humbled.

27 days ago we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to build a digital archive for all our talks, a digital home for all things CreativeMornings. We reached our goal the first day, in fact, we reached it in the first 3 hours. And we realized, that every additional $ we raise will help make the site better and allow us to add features that will make attendees and hosts happy, all around the globe.

Thank you all for your generosity. And for your belief in us. We promise, we won’t dissapoint.

In case you have pledged for Lisa Congdon’s print or Kate Bingaman Burt’s T-Shirt, I am happy to share the designs:

You can still get your hands on these over on our Kickstarter Page.

Thank you so much for your support!

Waving from Brooklyn,
Tina + Kevin + Carly + Craig + All The Chapter Hosts

PPS: New Yorkers, you might want to know that there are still a few spots available for the secret Kickstarter CreativeMornings on Tuesday October 9th with Jason Santa Maria and Frank Chimero as the speakers. Check for the $50 Pledge.

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  1. love it! can’t wait to get my shirt. thanks for all you do and your humble approach to it. always inspiring.

  2. Huge Congrats to everyone involved with CreativeMornings – keep up the great work!

  3. I am not this much into creative design and so on, just passing by, it appears very overwhelming, when you look onto the main page of creative mornings, without knowing some names of who is talking and what might possibly be his subject.

    I would find it more comfortable to navigate, if there would be a topic to the theme listed near by the names, connected to the speaker, of what he or she is talking of.

  4. Ephraim, that’s why we did the Kickstarter so we could build a better site.