The Sill / Eley

I recently added a teeny tiny head-turner to my desk: Haworthia, a succulent native to South Africa, calling a modern triangular little vessel its home. I agree with The Sill‘s product description: The Eley may be small, but its presence is big.

A small and first attempt in bringing more greenery into my office environment. Baby steps!

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  1. Uma peça elegante e harmoniosa. Gostei muito!

  2. If there isn’t a drainage hole at the bottom of the planter your Haworthia’s roots will rot or if you manage to control the water levels so it never sits in water you will still have the problem of the soil eventually becoming toxic because the toxin that accumulate won’t wash out.

    I’ve never understood why they sell planters without drainage holes. They are bad for most plants and awful for succulents such as haworthia.

  3. That’s very nice, I should get something like that for my desk at work

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  5. This plant is definitely different!. I would put a coule in my office.
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