Emergency Shovel

Winter is coming. Be prepared with this Emergency Shovel.

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  1. i have one of these in my and the wife’s car in the winter. mine has a lexan blade which i think i prefer. Aluminum can dent and bend pretty easily. Also, a pointed blade like this can be hard to clear things on a flat area too. I used mine to clear my parking spot sa few times, the straight edge helps.

    I had some metal studs left over fromt and old snowboard stomp pad and epoxied one to the end of the T on the handle. not it has a metal pointed tip if i need to break some stubborn ice. not something to do all the time, but you never know.

  2. Hey Josh,

    Interesting to hear what you said.

    This shovel is a great product. We had learned from our wholesaler this shovel was used last year to help people survive an avalanche.


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