I have been trying to find the ideal way to browse my Google Reader RSS Feed and while I like Reeder, Feedly has been taking pole position lately. Here’s a video that explains (rather dry, but worth it) how to personalize your Feedly experience:

Feedly also offers an app for iOS and Android. Check it out here.

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  1. Wow, this is great, thanks for the tip! I think I’m gonna switch to Feedly, too!

  2. Would love to know which websites you follow ;)

  3. Feedly fan for years and their iPad and iPhone apps are more than great! Quite a user experience!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I want to try them out.

  5. I adore this! GIving it a trial run now and I am SUPER impressed. I’ve never been in love with any of the feed reader options…until now! THANKS for telling us about this :)

  6. I’ve been using Feedly since the beginning and have loved watching it get better and better.

  7. Used to use a now dead RSS app that was awesome but died due to bandwidth costs. Cannot recall the name but it passed away in early 2010.
    Switched to Feedly and it was brilliant and intuitive at first but then they started fiddling with ‘improvements that were not required’ and it’s usefulness declined to the point where I binned feedly and the entire ‘RSS thing’.

    I now use Bloglovin and load it with blogs I like to follow and a few that annoy me as they force me out of my comfort zone. A much better solution in my humble… at least it is for me.

  8. Did you try Newsify on iOS?
    Simple and beautiful, with Google reader sync.
    Since I installed it, I uninstalled Feedly and others…

  9. I’ve tried Feedly couple of weeks ago, and moved back to Flipboard. I think it’s the same idea but rendered better.

  10. I am one of the co-founders of feedly. Thank you for the post and comments. Now that we have a new technical foundation in place we should be able to iterate faster so if you run into any issues or have suggestions, please email them to edwink // at // feedly.com

  11. Feedly does a great when it comes to a rss reader. You are able to get so many great uses with it. I think it is definitely the best one out there. Great job on it. Toronto bankrupty trustee