University of the Future

This T-Shirt by Matt Pisane raises the question: Who needs to go to an actual university if you have the internet?

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  1. If there’s one thing that attending three years of Brooklyn Beta has confirmed to me, it’s that the internet will never replace being in a room with a passionate and committed educator. It will likely augment and enhance that experience, but one can’t put a figure on the impact a good mentor has in developing a young (or old) mind.

  2. I see your Internet University T-Shirt and raise you:

  3. Well but who needed to go to an actual university where there’s the Library?

  4. Very important question. As a humanities grad, however, the information component of university was the tiniest part.

    The question is: can someone brand and market a university with a shoestring faculty/staff? Perhaps even have the students work to sell something that makes it a net-free education. Flip the pedagogy KahnAc style: watch video lectures wherever, meet together to work interactively (seminars).

    I think there’s value in leaving home and being thrust together with your peers in an entrepreneurial, alcoholic haze for a few years.

  5. There is truth that the internet has made this world flatter. Access to information and knowledge is universal, with low barriers, and many times with no or little economic cost. Having said that, the University is not only a vehicle for knowledge and learning but a hub for relationships and networking. This last two (relationships and networking) are tougher issue that the internet has yet to solve/tackle; and key to developing basic skills. I wouldn’t discount the University just yet.

  6. University google. Do you want. You can!

  7. Hmmmmn interesting,when technology is every where is more fun to watch and learn.

  8. I cannot see a way in the foreseeable future in which the internet could successfully over ride an educational facility and all of its aspects, I think it will become more of an aid but never fully take over. There is w need for personal interaction for a multitude of reasons and I do not think that the internet could fulfill this need practically.

  9. Really interesting topic!

    Me and a couple friends from Hyper Island worked on a concept while we were there that navigates around this area.

    Our talks revolved around the fact that today’s educational system is not fully considering all the things you learn online.

    And we found a really interesting fact: 70% of all your learnings are informal / come from outside of school.

    Of course you can’t completely dismiss the learning environment of a school, but on the other hand, ignoring the interwebs doesn’t make any sense :)

    There are more details on the link below if you get interested.

    Cheers to all!

  10. Huh, if my (undergrad) students’ essays are any indication, it will be a while before the internet replaces the university.

    Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think an institution/system of learning that’s been around for almost 1000 years is going to disappear or become irrelevant anytime soon — it will change and adapt to new technologies, information systems and forms of communication, just as it always has.

  11. Yeah.. Internet is everywhere. A bit sadly..

  12. I like the human voice, to share questions and discuss about different point of views…and I like this Tshirt!

  13. I see this being relevant in the future. There is so many colleges going to the internet. I see a school being called the internet university in the future. IT is just a matter of time. Toronto Recording Studio

  14. What a beautiful t-shirt with a great message. It appears as if more people will attend college online in the future. The technology is definitely available and accessible.