Just launched: Tattly Gift Site

For the past few months my team has been working hard on a brand new gifting site for Tattly. And today’s the day, we finaly launched gift.tattly.com. All of our gift items will conveniently live at one place where it’s simple to purchase, ship and send a little handwritten note to anyone in the world. My team thought of everything and even made it easy to ship to multiple people at different addresses in a single transaction.

You can now get gift cards, choose between three gift sets and the 6-month-Tattly-subscription is finally back!

A big thank you to Yoko for the design, Rusty for concepting and managing the project, Oak for building the site and to Julia for her photomagic.

Let us know what you think: gift.tattly.com

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  1. What I think: I think you’re hocking your product, again.

    Why not separate SwissMiss the Blog and SwissMiss the Design Studio into two separate sites? I love the blog. Can’t say the same about temporary tattoos.

  2. What I think: There is a person named James that I don’t like.

    Why not let Tina share with the world all of the stuff that she is working on without poo pooing all over it?

  3. @James, I am sorry if you don’t like my Tattly posts. Maybe just skip them?

  4. Great job with this little gift store. Good luck with it over the holidays.

  5. Amazing! You should absolutely be promoting here. xo

  6. Well, that’s one suggestion – skip them. I’m simply bringing some criticism from one visual communicator to another that you appear to be mixing your personal goals with professional ones. You can do with it what you want like all criticism from people, but to ignore ones audience is only going to guarantee failure as a designer.

    It feels very much like a Sunday morning church service on TV where at the end of an educational, enlightening and uplifting message (which is how I usually view your site) the minister says, “…And you can learn this and MORE by buying my DVD which you need!”

  7. the fonts on the menus top right (FAQ, shop our full line), middle (Gift Sets, Subscription, Gift Cards), the text TEMPORARY TATTOOS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES and the button labels … are edgy and not aesthetically displayed under latest Chrome 23, Windows 7. Besides that everything is top notch :)