Invisbile Bookend

Paul Cocksdge created the Invisible Bookend, a visual illusion, allowing you to display books without any additional support. Two swissmiss thumbs up.

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  1. I’m not trying to be mean, and I hope it doesn’t come out that way, but there’s a typo in the post title : ) (Invisible*)

    I do so love this bookend, though! Awesome!!

  2. How would you know when they’ve arrived? ;-)

    But seriously – very good idea!

  3. Here is a link to a story on my houseblog about subway tile madness/sadness and stupidity:

  4. so cool! I want one for me!

  5. I love that you are not able to see the bookend here. I see so many people wanting to have this on their shelf. It looks amazing that you are unable to see it here.