Rules of This Bar

I love these rules. Tim, where is this bar?

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  1. thats Milk & Honey

  2. Nope, It’s Middle Branch.

  3. fairly certain pdt has something similar

  4. Both Milk and Honey and Middle Branch have the same owners and share the sign, for what it’s worth.

  5. Nice, but unfortunately drunk people rarely obey rules. Especially the ones about keeping quiet on the sidewalk. :(

  6. It’s Little Branch, NYC, not Middle Branch.

  7. Nope, It’s Middle Branch. Little Branch is on 7th and Leroy. Middle is on 33rd and 3rd. Same Owner, different bars and different rules.

  8. It don’t think it is any of the 3. It must be a library.

  9. This sign is from the Middle Library, north of the Milk and Honey Branch of the Main Library, which all have the same owners, and same rules but in different languages. Mostly French.

  10. In a similar vain – and milk related/named: