My favorite discovery so far at the New York International Gift Fair is Whooz, the best thing for multi iphone households like mine. G and I always often blame each other for stealing each other’s iphone chargers. No longer, then now, they are clearly marked. G’s has a dude’s face on it and mine a lady’s face. G was chuckling when he discovered the chargers in our kitchen yesterday. Congrats to Sativa Turner for the fun idea!

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  1. they-re super cool! just entered whooz and they-re not so expensive!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Now all we need is a europe-version, swiss, to be exact! :-)

  3. I think these are based on Felicia Day’s “The Guild”. The characters all appear to be those from the The Guild. Left to right they are Clara, Vork, Zaboo and Codex, but where are Tinkerballa and Bladezz?