workisnotajob manifesto

work is not a job manifesto

Absolutely love the sentiments in the workisnotajob manifesto. Also available as a print.

(only wish the typography was a bit simpler, but that’s the Swiss in me)

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  1. that and also they used foot marks instead of quotation marks. (tsk, tsk…)

  2. I acknowledge that work is not just a job, but reading this litany of enthusiasm sort of makes me feel tired.

  3. mi eyes want to see a shape, but isnt. agree w/both but love the message. im thinking of doing a little video with these, it is so meaningful – yet it is easy to frget on a daily basis. saw this almost right after watching mr. neil:
    goes hand in hand xxom

  4. Kimberly, I’m with you.

  5. Work is what you believe it to be.