NYC Tattly Summer Randomizer Tour

tattly randomizer

To celebrate summer, Tattly is sending Vending Machines on a tour around the streets of New York City. Tattly partnered with some of their favorite spots to bring you an extra little surprise for just 25¢! Check the Randomizer Store Tour list for locations!

Hat tip to Rusty, for making this happen!

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  1. brilliant. congratulations Tina.

  2. Please send the randomizer to San Francisco!

  3. Send some to Chicago, please!

  4. You must be pretty proud of this.
    Good one!

  5. Thanks everyone. This was entirely Rusty’s idea and execution. He is brilliant!

  6. hey, nice job ripping off netflix font and color scheme

  7. Is this where I pick up Netflix?

  8. I love it! Excellent idea and execution!