The Blade

The Blade

I have written about the Blade necklace back in March, after I met its designer Njoki Gitahi. I am so happy to share that the Blade Necklace is now available for sale, handcrafted by metalsmith Melissa Hamming. A beauty, right? An no, it’s not sharp!

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  1. Good luck getting through airport security with that.

  2. Very cute. Hope it’s not dangerous!

  3. Don’t worry- it’s not sharp!

  4. Such a perfect piece of jewelry!

  5. But is is sharp – in all the right ways.

  6. That’s really cute! Easy to make?

  7. I picked up a similar version by Hideo Kawamura (rezon) at a designboom design mart back in Melbourne 2009 – Njoki’s ‘blade’ is a little more delicate – it will make a great gift for the graphic designer in my life.