Friday Link Pack

(via Nate)

– Boom! 20×200 is back, not in full force yet, but on its way there. This is wonderful news!

Deskbeers: Craft beers from London breweries, delivered to your office every Friday. YES! (via)

– Color-coding your library? Books With Red Covers.

Can We Stop Worrying About Millennials Yet?

– Here’s What Happens When The Whole Company Knows Your Salary

WeMontage Custom Photo Murals

– It takes 66 steps to make this iPad case. Looks pretty.

The Emeco 111 Navy Chair is made of consumer waste. PET Bottles gone chair. Love this.

Paper Airplane Necklace.

– If you’re into book cover design you will love (via)

– A good reminder on “What NO means” by Seth Godin.

This coffee lid logo is a tad bit too similar to the photo camera mark of Leica. No?

This post is giving me some good ideas for this year’s kids advent calendar. Need to get on this…

– “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

– Molly Holzschlag, the internet’s fairy godmother needs our help.

Leica Camera Holiday Ornament.

– Listen to my fab studio mate Jason Santa Maria in this DRT Podcast.

– Thank you Nate for including me in this list.

– Conde Nast is looking for a UX Designer.

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  1. Thank you for the links this week, Tina. That video was specially inspiring and beautiful (and I have definitely fallen in love with books we made! gorgeous site).