NEW: Tattly Cards

Tattly Cards

Today is the Day where I can finally announce our newest Tattly project: Tattly Cards: One Real Card, One Fake Tattoo. Our new stationery line is letterpress printed and includes a single matching Tattly Temporary Tattoo! A happy greeting and fun gift wrapped into one!

And just like Tattlys, our cards are made and printed in the USA, by no other than Mama’s Sauce. What do you think?

I am excited. YAY!

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  1. Exciting! Congratulations Tattly :-)

  2. congratulations, Tina and the Tattly team! :D Letterpress printed cards are a treat for the eyes and the hands!

  3. These are awesome! You should think about doing a partnership with Holstee who just successfully finished a kickstarter campaign to make card frames from recycled wood from Detroit! Really cool initiative (not being paid for this, by the way. Just heard one of the founders talk the other day)