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NEW paperback editions $30 each. All 4 books $100. All 4 autographed clothbound $150.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information “A tour de force.” John W. Tukey
“A classic. The overall intention and power of the book is stunning.” Optical Engineering

Envisioning Information “An incredibly beautiful, true, refined, and luscious book.” Denise Scott Brown + Robert Venturi “No other book has been so highly recommended by so many— architects, teachers, technicians, hackers, artists.” Kevin Kelly

Visual Explanations “The Leonardo da Vinci of data.” New York Times
“This book is a knockout, straightforward, witty, packed with vivid examples.” Wired

Beautiful Evidence “The world’s leading analyst of graphic information.” Nature “A brilliant masterpiece. The Galileo of graphics has done it again.” Business Week

Edward Tufte, Presenting Data and Information, 1-day course
Atlanta, January 24
Austin, January 27
Houston, January 28
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