Freitag R521 Coolidge

R521_Coolidge_white_Alder_RGB_gallery(image by Bruno Alder)

I am absolutely loving this latest FREITAG truck tarp backpack design called R521 COOLIDGE. It features a compartment with a padded base for a 15″ MacBook, a zippered outer pocket on the flap. and an adjustable cover flap for more volume.

Also, team FREITAG totally wins at product video:

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  1. Is it me or does anyone else think the bomb (TNT) in the backpack is a little too close to Boston 2013?

  2. Bothered me, too. I love the backpack but would favor a BIG bundle of dark chocolate in it—instead of TNT.

  3. It’s $500. For a bag.

  4. Yeah. Would be nice if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Like so many “design-y” things these days.

  5. Ridiculously overpriced!