Do One Thing Well

Do One Thing Well

Do One Thing Well. It’s Enough. Is it?

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  1. It’s such a lovely thought. I don’t think it’s enough anymore in the work world, with a few exceptions (plumbers? carpenters….specific trades…). But everyone should do at least one thing well. :)

  2. Didn’t you just post a video on Essentialism?! You must read the book. One thing IS enough!

  3. No…one thing well, several other connected things very good.

    EG: if you’re a web designer: code well enough to schmooze the geeks, know enough about business to understand why the business guys are stressed & know enough about marketing&PR to be able to sit in with their meetings and understand how and what they are promising your designs will do.

    In short, no :)

  4. A cute b/w poster, but there are too many colors to play, fail and learn in life!