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Travel for free staying in tasteful homes of like-minded people.

@swissmiss: “How often do you come across a website that makes you jump out of your seat of excitement? I just did: Behomm is a house swap website for designers and visual artists only. The homes featured on the site are stunning, absolutely breathtaking. I am a big believer in house swaps, we do it every year with ‘friends of friends’ in Switzerland. You know: I stay at your house while you stay at my house.”

Beautiful Homes. Our members share their love for beauty. We have tasteful homes in all sizes, small to large (aesthetics has nothing to do with luxury!).

Much More Secure. Membership is by invitation-only. Unlike other sites, we do not allow anonymous registrations.

Already 1100 Members. In just 1 year and a half. A fast growing community.

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