Stylish Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and funnel

This sweeper and funnel is a beauty. And yes, it’s crazy to spend $70 on something trivial like this, but it would sure make me happy every time I used it.

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  1. The Good: It looks functional.

    The Bad: If the lip is made of plastic it will stop before to long.

    The Ugly: White? Seriously? Who ever designed this obviously has never swept their floor or has a floor that clean it doesn’t need sweeping in the first place.

    The Fugly: $70… Need I say more.

  2. I love Teux Deux.

    I would like to have a calendar, and a links and a notes service just like it. Well designed, simple, effective.

    What’s out there???

  3. A beauty, but so not sanitary.

  4. @tom
    they offer a black version FYI.

  5. We’d spend $70 on a dinner that’s over in one night in a flash. Spending $70 on something that you use over and over in a daily situation, creating a little joy in what’s otherwise an entirely mundane situation? Totally worth it, in my book.