Redesign for Joy

Some things are just plain annoying, unpleasant. My personal list of bummer experiences includes going to the post office, security at airports, changing sheets and dealing with health insurance. The fine folks at IDEO and Studio 360 are challenging these moments and want to flip it and find a way to infuse it with joy, very much inspired by Ingrid Fetell’s work Aesthetics of Joy.

What do you think needs redesigning? What do you find unnecessarily joyless? Leave a comment below. Or tweet about it with the hashtag #bringjoy.

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  1. Online dating! Online dating online dating online dating. I mean, I’m already attempting to redesign that entire system, but teamwork helps. :)

  2. Physical therapy and pediatric patient experience in hospitals!

  3. “Kid-admin” meaning communication around kids’ school stuff, sports stuff, fun stuff…. As a mom, working mother, designer… you probably ‘get’ the un-fun/admin/fragmented parts of parenting…. We are on a mission to overhall the un-fun parts of parenting so parents can spend time where it counts- with their kids…. Love your work and would love to meet you sometime. Totally screwed up and accidentaly Tweeted this instead of private messaging it so here I am again. Please let me know if I can ever come to you for a V. quick coffee. Margaret Lee

  4. Finding available parking spots.

  5. Taxes! As an American expat living in Germany I have to do taxes for both the US and Germany. The processes in both countries is archaic, draconian and life sapping. I hope someone will design processes and software around this for human beings one day. Same thing for voting. I look forward to the day when executing these important civil duties is like using Mailchimp or Squarespace, not like a time travel trip to the early 20th century.

  6. Oh my god, it’s a daily thing – looking up at a billboard and shaking my head, “So, you couldn’t have spent just a FEW bucks to have a professional get your word out?” My pet peeve are logos. Crappy business signs that are done in….comic sans. Just take a moment and think about how you want to be represented! Jeez.

  7. redesigning coffee cup lids so that they are more environmentally friendly, and less susceptible to getting coffee all over my hand! :)