Maria Popova in Conversation with Krista Tippett

Maria Popova On Being

I am a fan of the podcast On Being as it is, but this episode with Maria Popova, force behind brain pickings, stopped me in my tracks. What a gentle, wise, old soul Maria is. I am lucky to call her a friend.

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  1. dear swiss miss

    please do not allow audio autostart on your webseite. the maria popova may be superb, but that doesnt mean every one should hear it loud while visiting your wonderfull blog.

    thanks and greatings from switzerlad :)

  2. Hey Swiss Miss,
    It was an excellent conversation. I always prefer your blog to learn and follow new fashion trends. Keep posting like this.

  3. @Superboy I didn’t realize it set it to autoplay. I fixed it. Super annoying.