waterproof seabags

Summer in Switzerland means people jumping into rivers, in the middle of major cities (!), their clothes tucked away in waterproof bags, and then peacefully drifting for long distances. Eventually they hop out and get their dry clothes out of their bags. These design-y waterproof seabags from Büro Destruct & Kitchener are perfect for this. Also, wish our NYC water was as clean as the rivers and lakes in Switzerland. (le sigh)

(via kusito)

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  1. I love these bags and wish they were available in the U.S., as well as also wishing we could a) swim in our urban rivers and b) expect to see women like that in our advertising!!

  2. Here you get a good idea about swimming in the best river through a city in Switzerland! the river Aare in Bern. Where the bags come from …