Freitag Hazzard Bag

Freitag launched a new backpack called Hazzard. Great simple shape and practical size! I’d totally sport one!

Not familiar with Freitag? All of their bags are made out of super durable and recycled truck tarp and are virtually indestructible. Some of my Freitag bags are 16 years old and still going strong.

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  1. Their pricing is insane for a recycled product.
    Being Swiss myself ide love to own one but can’t seem to spend so much on them… :-/

  2. Question of perspective, Jesse. As Tina stated, those bags are harder to put down than the average zombie apocalypse. So even if they are expensive (like, you’ll see a three digits bill), they really aren’t THAT expensive (now, divide it by 10-15 years of usage).

  3. And you get lifetime warranty. Had mine repaired at no costs whatsoever :-)