Getting Past Status Anxiety

Writer Alain De Botton says that status anxiety is more pernicious and destructive than most of us can imagine, and recommends getting out of the game altogether.

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  1. ADB is the fuckin’ man.

  2. Getting past status anxiety? Your headline is totally off the mark. He has nothing to say about “getting past it” and spends the entire 2 minute segment defining what it is and how “pernicious” it is .

    Tell us something we don’t know. This is a waste of time.

  3. We (in the West) have created a world where money, above every other measurement, above every other part of humanity, is most important. That includes happiness, your well being and your own life.

    Capitalism, the machine us designers make sense of for the masses, can be very narrow, particularly when it is framed as the one and only way to organise large groups of people. I think that narrowness is reflexed in this short clip, something we should all remember when we attempt export our ideas to others: we dont have all the answers.