Society 6 Duvet Covers

I just spent an eternity clicking through the insanely big archive of Duvet Cover Designs over Society 6. Below are some of the ones that made m look and that I would totally put on my bed or use in my kids room. Anyone know how they hold up after a few cycles in the washing machine?

paradise duvet coverraining cats duvet coverall over duvet coverwhite plus duvet coverjagged little pills duvet coverdemon with coffee duvet coverarchangel valley duvet covermoon duvet cover

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  1. I sold designs on Society6 for several years, and would often buy a new product when they came out with one. Unfortunately, the duvets and rugs are not great quality and start out faded-looking already. The shower curtains, bizarrely, are excellent and I love mine. I actually got a refund on the throw rug, and soon after left as it only really benefits artists when you buy their art prints, the other products have set prices the sales are nominal unless you sell thousands and often stolen from the site (not society6’s fault). Anyway, good intentions, but they don’t have the quality or respect for artists that one would hope.

  2. Ooohhhh beautyyy!!

  3. We just renovated our NYC apartment and converted our living room into a combination living room / master and gave our 2 teens the bedrooms. I may need to check out these duvet covers because of our determination that our bed be a statement rather than something to hide. beautiful and dramatic!

  4. I bought one of their duvet covers some time ago, and I haven’t had much of a problem with fading. What I did notices was that the resolution of the image was extremely poor, and the color wasn’t accurate to what was being shown on the site.

    A king sized duvet is very large, but it was really easy to see all of the pixels in the work. Also, on the website, it looked as though the original art had brown elements, then they were pink when the duvet arrived.

    I will give society 6 credit for refunding my order without needing to return it, however. Though, they did say it was a one time offer.