How To Draw A Person

My son Tilo (5) started a YouTube Channel teaching you how to draw. Current tutorials include how to draw a person, jaguar, bat, owl and a snake. My heart is bursting.

(It got him his first commissioned illustration over on I Love Typography for a post on First Printed Children’s Books . See the header illustration on the left.)

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  1. This is just…wonderful. I hate to be cliche here but…#parentinggoals

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this so much! He is amazing. Love the attention to detail — eyelashes! A nuanced nose!

  3. Well done Tilo. Far beyond precious, it’s clearly drawn, well-spoken and encouraging.

  4. The best part “than a smile”, just brigthen up my day how kids perception are always positive! Keep up the good work Tilo! (And Tina of course )

  5. That is so fabulous! Congratulations to him and to you for encouraging him to create and share!

  6. his signature is full of personality- it’s so cute! go Tilo!

  7. omg im melting!!! He is a born youtuber for sure!!! <3

  8. This is amazing. keep it coming Tilo! :O)

  9. such a sweet video! He’s a natural…

  10. This is so great. My favorite part is the 1, 2, 3, 4 fingers. Ha!

  11. I just absolutely love this. Thank you for brightening my morning!

  12. Amazing!!!! Go Tilo!

  13. Tina this is so precious. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I enjoyed this so much – you go Tilo! I love the detail of the eyelashes and eyebrows especially :)