Disco Ball Helmet

disco ball helmet

I totally want one of these disco ball helmets.

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  1. And I want the drivers you blind with that thing to crash into you.

  2. That was my first thought exactly.

  3. Riding in the sun must be really dangerous. Fun idea but in real life… :v

  4. …that helmet is illegal, do not try to circulate on public streets if you do not want to be fined

  5. …only an unconscious fool would think this!

  6. pooh, so serious everyone :) ! I imagine it is made for dance-floor use: “BE the disco bal!l” (me likey)!

  7. oops i meant “oooh” not “pooh”!
    apoologies for the typoo!

  8. Half helmet not safe for riding. Always chose a full face helmet that cover your whole head