Flossie Lewis on Growing Old

I’d like to meet 91 year old Flossie Lewis. Just because her body is starting to go doesn’t mean her personality or character should. Taking walks, watching politics and writing a little bit of light verse help keep Lewis as optimistic now as she was at 15. Lewis gives her brief but spectacular take on growing old with grace.

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  1. What a wonderful lady! Such refreshing honesty on what it’s like to be human.

  2. Thanks for the video; I saw it on PBS this evening.

    Flossie was my honors HS English teacher in the early 70s. She made a huge difference in my life. I wonder if there is any way to get an email address for her? She more-or-less saved me from myself, and I would welcome a chance to send her a note to express my gratitude.

  3. so clear in her thoughts and her understanding of what matters. I love how she mentions ‘getting cranky’ and how to counteract that…and the importance of personality and character!!

  4. Thank you Ms. Lewis for sharing of yourself. You have a beautiful positive outlook. Really a great example. Is a very nice reminder for me to compliment my beautiful older friends and to remain positive myself. You are only old once! Job 33:25 shows a promise that we can look forward to in the near future. This makes sense since in the beginning we were supposed to live forever. We were never purposed to grow old and die. May this and others promises bring you further comfort and hope. Keep up the great attitude you have. A sterling example for all to follow. Thank you!

  5. Hi Flossie! My girlfriend and I would love to take you to lunch sometime. We both try to be positive influences on the lives of the people around us, and your video (YES, it went viral!) Is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for being a great positive influence.

  6. Hello Flossie, I remember very well when you were the queen of the Lowell High School English faculty. You were a character then and I believe you still are. You are now a public TV personality even here in far-off Maine.
    I remember entering your room one day and you were standing on your desk to make some point. I have never forgotten that unique teaching style.
    I agree with your belief “Age is a state if mind”. As a matter of fact we must share a LHS aging virus because having just celebrated my 93rd birthday, you are in my wake. Every morning when I see a bright blue sky, I call it a “Thank You, God, day” . Another day of walking around the neighborhood (with a marching cane) joining the neighbors enjoying a beautiful spring day in Bangor, ME.
    So, good-bye, Young-in-heart Flossie. Paul Lucey

  7. Dearest Flossie, You were my lovely wonderful deep fullbodied trustable teacher. During high school days, you were my anchor. And afterwards, a chance meeting in Colorado, you were still such a light. Please hold and accept my gratitude for all that you shared with me.. Go well, slightly and only slightly older sister, and continue please to share your wisdoms with us!

  8. Dear Flossie, I live on the opposite side of the Ocean, butI wish I could meet you and speak with you.
    I couldn’t agree more with your way of “growing old”.
    Thank you
    Take care :-)

  9. Dear Mrs. Lewis,
    I still remember taking your “Portrait of a Artist class” back in the late 70’s at Lowell. I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of entering a second career – as a middle school science teacher! You were one of the best teachers I ever had and I try to model myself after you!

    Very fondly,

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