♥ / Kosmosphaera – Giant Glass Marbles

Big thanks to Kosmosphaera for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Kosmosphaera” are oversized, beautiful glass marbles made in Switzerland by a team of Swiss artist and designers: Valérie, Jodoc, both form Lausanne’s prestigious art school, ECAL and Matteo Gonet an impressively talented glassmaker. Each marble is handmade in Basel, Switzerland, and weighs an impressive 13kg (28lbs). Each marble is completely unique and numbered. Want a custom one? Just ask! Or simply want to see them up close? Check out images on Instagram or see them live during the following exhibitions:

Château de Vullierens, Mobilab Art Gallery, Switzerland, June 1-19
Hublot Polo Gold Cup, Gstaadt, Switzerland, August 16-21
London Design Fair, booth L10 sept 22-25

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