Almost Here

Almost Here

Quote by Nayyirah Waheed.

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  1. This is by WOC author Nayyirah Waheed, from her book “salt.”
    It would be appropriate to give direct credit to her as a creative, and as a minority writing for POC (she talks a fair bit about how much her writing is culturally appropriated by white people). Let’s build each other up! ✌?️

  2. Ps. Here is the original! ☺️

  3. Hi

    Please credit Nayyirah Waheed for this. It’s her work and neither this post nor the link mention it. Her instagram is @nayyirah.waheed

  4. The image is a clickthrough to the Instagram post, but text attribution would also probably be good.

  5. ahh, I didn’t click through—definitely not credited in the linkthrough either. Sorry for the mistake.

  6. Thanks for pointing it out Nira. I didn’t know who it was by. Should have googled. Added Nayyirah’s name. Thanks for caring!

  7. yes just give them time
    well said that really nice qoutes