Mosquito Netting Socks

Mosquito Netting Socks

Would it be safe to suggest that we should file these Mosquito Netting Socks under ‘products the world doesn’t need’? They definitely made me laugh tough…

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  1. I don’t know…we might need them in Miami right now!

  2. But wouldn’t it be easier to just wear simple socks? @lindsay

  3. one word “ZIKA”

    Lindsay, I am in miami too!

  4. Yeah, they make sense to me also. Stylish they are not, but I’m sure they are much cooler and more comfortable to wear than socks if you’re out gardening in the heat.

    Yeah, they seem silly at a glance, but thinking about it a bit they actually seem like a great idea considering Zika is running unchecked currently.

  5. I am constantly getting bitten on my ankles while wearing jeans and sandals at summer bonfires. I saw these and was like, “Yeah!” and then I read your caption and I sulked :)

  6. Quite practical in India – where there is chances of Dengue and other mosquito born diseases – they always attack your feet and toes first – so this is practical – not very fashionable – but you cannot deny their practicality in tropical countries

  7. I wonder if they would be effective in Lyme-carrying tick country? I already own a bug jacket, so I’m completely okay with the whole dork thing.

  8. I love these! You are probably in the city but if you live up in the mountains or by the shore these socks would be wonderful. Socks don’t cut it because the mosquitos and all find the place right above the sock line to bite!

  9. These would be great for berry picking in the north woods! I already have the matching jacket. I worry more about mosquitos and ticks than I do the fashion police. :)

  10. Speaking from a fashion stand point they are worse than the way your granddad wearing short-pants, white tube socks with Teva’s. However, if you are an Oklahomie, like myself these may just save your ankles and shins from being a buffet for mosquitos. I would probably not wear these to Target or anywhere else I might see another PTO mom; but, they would be great for hanging in the back yard or the pool. #MosquitosSummaInOklahoma

  11. One mans trash is another mans treasure!

    I go mushroom picking and berry-picking every weekend in autumn here in Estonia. Ticks and other mosquitoes is something we totally hate (and they might be dangerous too). Id say GIVE ME A PAIR! :)